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Locatie: Skype
Prijs: See below

Know Yourself and discover your abilities. That is the biggest challenge. The Solo Magical Training helps you in 50 steps. Every lesson is a solid learning module: study, experience, application, and internalization.

Each lesson and every subject is a building block of what will become your Inner Temple: talents unlocked, clear realizations, sharpening your inner senses, and balancing the elements.

It is your personal journey of exploration, with the Kabbalistic Tree as your roadmap and Ina Custers-van Bergen as your guide. With the help of a supervisor you travel the 'Path of the Snake', a journey that asks everything from you: persistence, creativity, and spirituality. And gives back even more: energy, focus, understanding, the power to be and to change.

In October a new group of students will start this online training. In groups we will guide you by written feedback and online video conferences. The Solo Magical Training is designed for an international audience and for this reason the language is ENGLISH. You can read more about this training on my website:


Start: to be announced
Time: Every fortnight on Wednesday not earlier than 19:30 (CET/CEST = Berlin/Amsterdam)
Location: Skype
Price: € 285,00 for membership of the Temple, book and supervision during one semester.


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