Look behind the Temple Doors

Begintijd: Doors open from 9.00 AM. Start 9.30 AM - 6.30 PM

The first important question is: ‘What is the Temple?’

The Temple is … you! It is a sacred space inside of you. It is the place devoted to your sacred mission, deep inside of your soul. It resembles a physical temple, but the implements and the furniture are all made of psychic stuff. In the middle of this sacred place stands an altar stone. On it burns an altar light; the wax is your life force, the wick is your spine and the fire is the flame of your Sacred Mission.

Marriage between Heaven and Earth

During the Temple Trainings two worlds meet each other in a sacred embrace. The first world is Earth. It consists of your life, your work, your family and your circumstances. The second world is Heaven, a metaphor for your unfolding, developing Inner World. Where you can fully experience the beauty of nature, where you receive inspiration, discover and develop your hidden talents.

During the Temple Trainings you unlock and empower you Inner World, and build a strong connection to your outer world. You cultivate your inner beauty in such a way that it empowers you in your outer life. The bridge between these worlds is made of Wisdom.

For the subscribers to my newsletters I have some gifts. Gifts that will enable you to feel the energy of the Temple Training work. I hope you will enjoy this work on your Sacred Self!

When you want to experience this Temple Training work for yourself, I invite you to visit our expats group in Haarlem, the Netherlands

Do you want toe experience a Temple Training day? 

That is possible

You can attend a Temple Training day as an introduction meeting. These practical lessons offer you the opportunity to experience whether temple work as a group appeals to you. During every Temple Training you will learn techniques of the Templework.  

* How to create a magical circle
* How to work with the mythological stories from different cultures
* Breathing and visualisation techniques
* Energy exercises,
and much, much more!

At this moment we have an International group in Haarlem, and a Dutch-Belgium group in Dordrecht. When you would like to participate in this intensive spiritual training program of Western Mysticism, then you can ask for a study place, which is dependent on the availability of space in the different groups.

The Temple Training is an ongoing cycle of practical lessons. You can start at any moment. The available places for starters however are limited, so when you want to participate in this program, don't hesitate and subscribe for the coming meetings to avoid being placed on a waiting list.

Use the contact form and let us know at what date you want to join us. We will contact you about it.

The price for a full day is temporarily reduced from EUR 95,00 to EUR 85,00

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